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This business was founded by Rennie and Veronica Nunez in 1998. Rennie being unbelievably talented in drawing had the dream to start a custom silkscreen and embroidery business in San Pedro. The two of them went through thick and thin owning and opperating this business. From loosing the first location and everything that was in it from a  fire, to a series of floods in the new location. The key to our businesses survival is that we never considered giving up. Rennie says, "Its a blessing being able to do what I love, especially when I get to see my artwork around town". 

renzwear fire .webp


To this day we operate like a mom and pop business. If you call in you will have Veronica or Rennie on the line. If you come down to the shop they will give you that family treatment. If you give us your business we will give you our gratitude. We may be small compared to the competition but we are very capable of any job thrown at us and we will not give up.   

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